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    We are a brother-sister trio and young athletes just like you. We love sports, we love to compete and we have big dreams. Our parents taught us that we're strong as individuals, but we become mighty when we motivate one another. When we've experienced challenges, we turned to each other for motivation and encouragement. We learned that encouraging each another as siblings was so powerful! Having experienced the power of togetherness, we started thinking about how we could support other young athletes in the pursuit of their goals and dreams. That's when OV3 was born.

    OV3 stands for "Overtime 3". As young, ambitious athletes we understand that our athletic future depends on the work we're willing to put into it. We are willing to go above and beyond and work overtime to accomplish our goals. Staying motivated is key!  Every piece of merchandise in the OV3 store is inspired by what keeps us going. Sometimes, it was only a word or a phrase that motivated us to work harder. Everyday, we're learning what it takes to be better and finding new ways to stay inspired. Our clothing is a visual representation of that inspiration.  Our designs are a reflection of what we believe; we're strong as individuals, but we become mighty and unified when we motivate one another.  We motivate one another because when one succeeds, we all succeed. This road isn't easy, but we know success is ahead as long as we work hard and support each other.

    OV3 is here to empower and motivate young athletes to keep going no matter what. When we motivate one another, we can do it-- together. This mindset is the new culture of young athletic success.

    Even more, we want to share the stories of young athletes all over the world. Your stories inspire us and we hope our stories will inspire you, too. Connect with us on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about how your athletic story can be featured on our website and social media outlets.